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Objective: To provide the goals and objectives of the senior management of Loral Ipsum (Aust) Pty Ltd towards environmental management and protection. It also describes their commitment to apply these goals and objectives at all the stages of operations.

Policy Statement:

It is the policy of Loral Ipsum (Aust) Pty Ltd to conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and that which is regarded as of a good corporate neighbour and citizen.

In accordance with this policy, Loral Ipsum (Aust) Pty Ltd complies with all environmental laws and manages all phases of its business in a manner that minimizes the impact of its operations on the environment.

To further this policy, Loral Ipsum (Aust) Pty Ltd shall:

  1. Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and voluntary commitments to which the facility subscribes.
  2. Minimise the trade waste generated during and/or after manufacturing operations by evaluating operations and ensuring all are efficient in reducing the waste generation.
  3. Eliminate, or reduce to the maximum practical extent, the release of contaminants into the environment, first through pollution prevention (material substitution and source reduction), then recycling, and finally through waste management technologies.
  4. Effectively communicate with facility employees, suppliers, regulators, and customers, as well as the surrounding community, regarding Environment Management System performance.
  5. Periodically review and demonstrate continuous improvement in the facility’s environmental performance, including areas not subject to regulations.

Managing Director

Loral Ipsum (Aust) Pty Ltd